Lariat Letter: ‘Wacoans’ story a call to action for Baylor students

I am writing to express my admiration of your story “Wacoans Express Frustration Toward Students” [published September 15]. Bonnie Kemf’s statement will be considered controversial in a community that thrives due to the increasing enrollment of college students studying at Baylor University; the very group she attacks, but her portrayal of selfish students who blatantly disregard the social norms of neighborly actions may spur some to self-awareness, if not positive action.

My admiration is not only of Ms. Kemf’s outspoken tirade, but also for your impartiality in publishing her opinion. The Lariat is clearly supported by Baylor’s student body, so it was a noble gesture to publish a piece that clearly states disdain for the consumers of your own paper. In bringing to light the concerns of one of your citizens, you have given a voice to others who may feel the same: that Baylor students are, albeit stereotypically, self-centered and privileged. Although the dramatic tone of her statements do not escape me, Waco, and in turn Baylor University, is a composite of individuals who bring together their individual backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to create a community of neighbors, and when one of our members addresses the public with this tone, it is a call to all Baylor students to self-examine and make progress toward becoming more selfless members of our community.

Lauren O’Connell

Bakersfield, Calif., sophomore

Journalism major