Column: Out with the old, in with the news

By Taylor Griffin, Editor-in-Chief

We’re turning a new page at the Lariat from Baylor Lariat on Vimeo.

The fall semester inevitably brings about fresh starts and new beginnings, especially for students. Here at the Lariat, this semester is also an optimal opportunity for much needed newness and refocusing.

Through months of research along with trial and error, this semester for the Lariat is unlike anything we’ve done in the past — a page turn, if you will. With a brand new print redesign, updated smart phone application, fresh website layout and much more, our collective mission as a team is to provide our audience, the student body, the news they need.

This modern print design offers more color and creativity to the pages each day while maintaining a clean, crisp style for the more traditional news consumers. Our app allows for on-the-go information as you head to class with direct links to video, audio and web content.

To accommodate the vivacious student experience here at Baylor, the traditional Arts and Entertainment section has transformed into Arts and Life, which will further encompass interests in food, fashion, travel and campus happenings.

Now as an online-first publication, our goal is to constantly generate quality content throughout the day, rather than just a regurgitation of the print version’s stories and photos. This fall, will host a multitude of blogs, podcasts, broadcast news and other innovative avenues of storytelling.

Our Web team has developed social media and online strategies catered to the busy college life. For example, the “Got a Minute?” section online will feature listicles,  short pieces and plenty of cat GIFs for when you’ve got time to spare before class begins.

Love newsletters like theSkimm to start the day? Check out Morning Buzz, our daily email with the top stories of the day and links to a few anecdotal bits like the Spotify playlist that helped make today’s issue happen.

But our refocus goes much further than our appearance. We’ve learned from the mistakes of the past, listened to our readers and are now ready to begin the semester with a refreshed purpose. Our consciously renewed commitment to producing quality, balanced journalism will be highlighted through relevant stories on issues that matter to students.

Now more than ever we encourage your feedback. The Lariat always welcomes letters to the editor as well as social media commenting and sharing. We are initiating the conversation between the newsroom and student body and hope to forge that relationship in the coming months by bridging that gap.

In short, the Lariat is more than a content driver or platform; we’re a group of students serving students. We’ve been given the unique opportunity to act as a source of information as well as advocates for the voiceless. As editor, I take this seriously and will strive with the team to make each issue thoughtful, relevant and well done.

On behalf of the whole team, we welcome you home to Baylor in the best way we know how: serving the student body through storytelling.

Start fresh with us. Engage with us. Connect with us. This is your campus paper; what’s your story?