Lariat Letters: Baylor needs to update the restrooms on campus

I am a so called “starving college student” who is frustrated with the incredibly expensive tuition that I have to pay each semester. I understand that a quality education is expensive, but could Baylor University spare some of the enormous amounts of money they receive each year to update the facilities on campus?

Specifically, Baylor should consider updating the restrooms on campus. I am sure that there are probably more important things to address before the university focuses on the restrooms, but they do need attention eventually. Some of the restrooms are so outdated that I feel as though I am using a facility from the 1950s.

The sink counters are always covered in water, and I hate having to lean up against them to turn on the faucet because my shirt almost always has a huge water stain after. The faucets spew out to closely to the back on the sink that my hands rub against the porcelain … that can’t be sanitary. The mysterious pink soap dispensers make me question whether or not my hands were cleaner before I began washing them.

My final comment about the campus restrooms can be viewed more as a plea from a health conscious individual. If we can afford a multimillion-dollar stadium, do you think we can spare some toilet seat covers? Think of all the germs the students could avoid with seat covers.

What a wonderful place Baylor could be with just a few adjustments to the campus restrooms.

– San Antonio sophomore Ariana Shannon
Psychology major