Lariat Letter: Baylor students need electronic sports association

By Arix King

I was pleasantly surprised today when I picked up the Baylor Lariat — as I always do — and saw an article over campus gaming culture. I found the article very insightful and a positive reflection of the gaming subculture that is apparent at Baylor, but I noticed there was an underlying cry of need.

From the article, the words of Jay Carlile and others expressed a want to connect with their fellow gamers but a lack of ability to do so.

While this is unfortunate, I brings me a degree of happiness and good expectation.

I am currently at the head of revitalizing the late Baylor Gaming Association, so the interest in game culture and competition means well for my endeavors.

While we are still working on the renewal process with Student Activities, we are already working on a member roster and planning events and activities for the organization, which include intercollegiate competitive gaming teams (League of Legends, StarCraft II, and more) and campus charity gaming tournaments.

With the many facets of our organization, from casual play to E-sports involvement, I think this is easily a hot topic that interests much of the Baylor community.

Thank you very much for your time and work. I’m looking forward to future prints from you and the Lariat team.

Arix King
Sugar Land sophomore