Viewpoint: Adversity makes us stronger as humans

By Mashaal Hashmi

The tragedies occurring in Boston on Monday and West on Wednesday have brought to light the several devastating things that can happen in societies not only across the world or in third-world countries, but also right here at home. My heart has gone out to the people who have suffered and are still suffering and it amazes me every day the generosity and kindness that human beings can show toward their fellow men and women.

Driving to Carter Bloodcare Thursday morning and seeing the long line of people just waiting to offer up their lifeblood and then watching donation boxes being carried around campus for the victims has been incredibly moving.

Impacts of both tragedies have been seen around the world, with people from Kabul and other countries sending prayers and holding vigils for those in Boston and many other states in the United States sending as much aid as they can manage during the last few days.

The social media has been a big part of sending as many updates and prayers to both tragedies — an amazing use of a tool that is usually saved for frivolous, marketing or creative needs.
The range of human help that has been given during times like these reminds us that adversity makes us stronger, as humans, as friends and families.

Our everyday lives can be changed in a split second with calamities that cannot be stopped. The ability to keep fighting on and helping, to donate and spread awareness is something that humans can excel in and do in most times.

Humanity has hope. I have faith in us. We are strong and can withstand adversity. We are smart and able to help both ourselves and other people; we can do things for each other without any benefit to ourselves. Go out there and do your best as a human, contribute to your society and show how good we can all be.

Mashaal Hashmi is a junior English major and a Lariat copy editor from Fort Worth.