Summit inspires Waco church leaders

Leaders from Waco churches joined locations around the world on Aug. 11 for the Global Leadership Summit, which was broadcast live from each veune. Waco’s leaders used Baylor’s Pat Neff Hall.
Robert Rogers | Baylor Photography

By Caroline Brewton
Copy Editor

Hoping to harness the power of effective Christian leadership, more than 250 local church leaders, Waco residents and Baylor faculty, staff and students attended a live satellite broadcast of the Global Leadership Summit in Waco Hall on Aug. 11.

The summit, which began more than 15 years ago, has expanded to more than 170 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The event was broadcast from the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill.

Katy senior Matt Larsen said he felt very blessed to attend the summit. Larsen said he was motivated by “just seeing the maturity and wisdom that some of the world’s best leaders have” and plans to attend the summit again next year “if God provides.”

Larsen said the summit inspired him in his journey to lead others. “I feel like it taught me to have a better heart, more attentive ears… to really walk with and listen to what God is telling me to do to help others around Baylor,” he said.

Baylor Athletics Chaplain Wes Yeary also attended. Yeary viewed the summit as a time of refreshment and inspiration.

“I feel like the people that were there could light a fire around those they’re surrounded with,” Yeary said. “It [the summit] can’t help but have a positive impact. That’ll have a trickle-down effect on those that did not attend.”

Yeary encouraged more students to attend, saying “leaders aren’t limited by their age. Hopefully we can pull more and more students in.” Another summit will be held on an undetermined date in 2012.

Alice Starr, wife of Baylor president Ken Starr, said the message was exactly in line with what her husband is trying to do at Baylor. She also would like to see more people in attendance in coming years.

Guest speakers for the event included Michelle Rhee, founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, bestselling author Seth Godin, Bill Hybels, the founder and senior pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church, and others from various disciplines.

Organizers say such a wide variety of personalities and experiences were included to energize and encourage church leaders to better serve the members of local church communities and provide them with practical skills.Both clergy and lay citizens were encouraged to attend.