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55 US schools face federal sex assault probes

From huge state universities to small colleges and the Ivy League, 55 schools across America are facing federal investigation for the way they handle sexual abuse allegations by their students.

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    Online anonymous apps can generate  compelling content

Online anonymous apps can generate compelling content

Earlier this year, Annie Hsieh, who works at an Austin startup, downloaded an app called “Secret.”
What intrigued her was the app’s promise of anonymity. It’s a social network, not unlike Twitter, where people post things, but without names and with only vague references to locations.

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    US military sexual assault reports surge 50 percent

US military sexual assault reports surge 50 percent

Reports by members of the military of sexual assaults jumped by an unprecedented 50 percent last year, in what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declared a “clear threat” to both male and female service members’ lives and well-being.

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    Texas vet arrested, suspended for animal cruelty

Texas vet arrested, suspended for animal cruelty

State officials suspended a Texas veterinarian’s license on Thursday after he admitted telling some clients that he would euthanize their pets but instead kept the animals alive in cages for months at his clinic in Fort Worth.

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    Tankers carrying crude oil derail,  burst into flame

Tankers carrying crude oil derail, burst into flame

Authorities were evacuating numerous buildings Wednesday afternoon after several CSX tanker cars carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Lynchburg, Va., and caught fire along the James River, city officials said.

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Sororities banned from fraternity recruitment

The National Panhellenic Board of Directors adopted Unanimous Agreement X, a piece of legislation that prohibits the attendance of National Panhellenic Council sorority women at men’s rush events, in November 2011. However, Baylor Panhellenic Council had yet to enforce the policy — until now.

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US Supreme Court justices careful of unlimited cellphone searches

The Supreme Court seemed wary Tuesday of allowing police unbridled freedom to search through cellphones of people they arrest, taking on a new issue of privacy in the face of rapidly changing technology.

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Community HealthCorps relieves woes of health needs

Naomi Dews’ life as a student at Baylor took an unexpected turn after her father passed in 2010 because of diabetic complications. The following year, she joined Community HealthCorps, a national service organization whose mission is to make health care more accessible to underprivileged people.

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Court upholds EPA rule on cross-state pollution

In a major anti-pollution ruling, the Supreme Court on Tuesday backed federally imposed limits on smokestack emissions that cross state lines and burden downwind areas with bad air from power plants they can’t control.

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Keystone supporters seek quick Senate vote

In a struggle steeped in election-year politics, supporters of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline are seeking a swift Senate vote on legislation to approve construction of the project that environmentalists oppose strongly and the Obama administration has delayed indefinitely.

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