Donald Trump: Now What?

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Intern Minorities all around the United States are in shock over the new President-elect, Donald J. Trump. During the 2016 election Trump spoke harshly towards several groups of minorities across the United States, and they...

Third-parties’ shot for presidency

By Gavin Pugh | Digital Managing Editor This election season left many voters feeling alienated by their preferred parties’ candidates. While some people chose not...

Republicans take House, Senate and presidency for the first time since 2005

By Haley Morrison | Contributor Tuesday Nov. 8’s, results brought a presidential win for Donald Trump as well as a Republican victory for the Senate...

Baylor Democrats promote political activism on campus

By Bailey Brammer | Staff Writer For many Baylor University students, the 2016 presidential election marked their first opportunity to vote. The ability to finally...
By Jacquelyn Kellar | Broadcast Managing Editor After almost a century since the 19th amendment was passed and women won the right to vote, the gender gap in the 2016 election was especially polarized. When women first voted as a large...

College Republicans celebrate Trump victory

By Bailey Brammer | Staff Writer Although Texas has been a primarily right-leaning state for decades, this year's atypical presidential race brought with it an...

Baylor alumna on the campaign trail

A look behind the scenes of the 2016 presidential race

Where does the GOP go from here?

By Genesis Larin | Assistant News Editor The Republican party experienced a big win Tuesday Nov. 8 by securing the majority in the House of...
By Morgan Kilgo | Broadcast Reporter With all the political hubbub, the Lariat wanted to find out what Baylor students knew about the roles of the president. The results? See for yourself!

Election reveals extent of America’s division

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln, 1858

Importance of the Vice President

By Megan Rule | Staff Writer There's another name on the ballot when voting for president, and that is the name of the vice presidential...

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