Diverse student populations react to new President-elect

By Elisabeth Tharp | Broadcast Intern

Minorities all around the United States are in shock over the new President-elect, Donald J. Trump. During the 2016 election Trump spoke harshly towards several groups of minorities across the United States, and they aren’t enthusiastic about the new leader of their country.

“Coming out of the election right now I definitely feel like there is a huge sense of tension…an aura of unrest in our country,” Dallas junior Pablo Gonzales said. “There is definitely a huge divide.”

His coarse words have created riots and protests across the nation.

“Personally I was really offended at some of the remarks Trump said,” San Diego, Calif., junior Dante Lemons said. “I have relatives who have worked hard to earn their citizenship here and to see that all go to waste is like a slap to the face.”

Minorities at Baylor University are distressed about what is to come.

Portland, Ore., sophomore Olivia Berry said “I wouldn’t say I’m personally fearful but I am definitely concerned about the things that have come out of his mouth. We need to support our country.”