Deep breathing will change your life

By Assoah Ndomo | Photographer

I know for a lot of students, there is a struggle to maintain good mental health in college. But what they don’t know is that it is actually really easy to be healthy, and I mean really easy. The remedy is something you do every day without paying any attention to it: breathing.

What is the first thing a baby does when they are born? Breathe. What is the last thing a person does when they are about to die? Take their last breath. Breathing is the alpha and omega of human life. It signifies the beginning and end, and it is a big determiner of our physical and mental problems. Paying more attention to your breathing and practicing deep breathing techniques unarguably improves your sanative value.

What are the deep breathing techniques? There are several types, but I’ll only be covering a few. First, you have the yogendra pranayama, which is when you focus your breathing on a rhythmic count. For example, you would inhale for three seconds and exhale for three seconds. On the other hand, shunyaka pranayama is when you take a deep breath and exhale until there is no more left in your lungs. When your lungs are fully emptied, you pull your abdomen toward your spine and hold the suspension for about five seconds.

Breathing is the medium that connects the body to the mind. Focusing on deep breathing techniques will create a strong connection between the mind and the body in an age when people are force-fed information and attention spans are decreasing by the year. Deep breathing techniques are meant to regain control of the mind, which is only the surface of the benefits. After practicing deep breathing techniques for some time, you begin to regain control over your emotions as well.

Deep breathing also has its physical benefits, such as decreasing the amount of stress hormones in the blood, lowering blood pressure, improving immune system functionality, etc.

Now, after hearing all of this, take a step to better your health through deep breathing. Next time you’re lacking clarity during an exam, put down your pencil and take a moment to inhale and exhale your stress and confusion. And in your home, designate a certain place to be your serenity spot.

Just breathe.