Spring break, not spring broke: Vacation ideas on a budget

Spring break ideas on a budget can still feel like paradise. Kassidy Tsikitas | Photo Editor

By Erika Kuehl | Staff Writer

While some Baylor students will whisk away to Cancún or Greece over spring break, most are stuck looking at their bank accounts and wondering how many fast-food charges is too many. It can be difficult to find places to visit without spending upward of a grand, so here are a few ideas that will save you from FOMO without breaking the bank.

1. Austin Day Trip

It might seem basic, but going to Austin for the day can help get rid of your travel bug. Booking a hotel room will start getting pricey, so make the drive there and back in a day. I recommend looking at small concert venues and seeing if any local bands are playing. This can be a great way to discover a new artist without spending $200 on nosebleed seats. If it’s in your budget, splurge on some dinner reservations. My favorite dinner spot is Perla’s, which has the best surf-and-turf meals. And if you’re feeling crazy enough to spend $50 on fish, try the potato-crusted sea bass.

2. Panama City Beach

Just a short 12-hour drive away, Panama City Beach is a great destination to spend time with your best friends. I recommend carpooling to reduce gas costs and help the environment (I’m talking about you, Taylor Swift). Although staying in a hotel isn’t ideal for the wallet, being in a room with three other friends should do the trick. Located right on the water, a luxurious 2-star hotel will leave you enough money to buy that new bathing suit you’ve been eyeing.

3. Waco Staycation

Although it’s not everyone’s ideal spring break vacation spot, Waco isn’t all that bad. Visit the new Hotel 1928 and try the chicken-fried steak — trust me, it’s fantastic. After dinner, go on the rooftop and take pictures in front of the ALICO building. If you want to soak up some rays, then visit your apartment pool and bring a speaker and your favorite snacks. There are also multiple men’s and women’s basketball games over break, so support our teams while you can still get tickets. And if you’ve been putting off cleaning out your closet, you’re not the only one; break can be a great time to get things done so you can start the second half of the semester strong.

4. Six Flags in San Antonio

If you’re from the San Antonio area, there’s no better way to spend your spring break than by going to Six Flags. While it might seem a bit juvenile, nothing is better than theme park pretzels and funnel cake. Afterward, stop by Cappy’s and try the mustang chicken, macaroni and cheese and Brussels sprouts. Although it is a little expensive, a good meal is worth all the money in the world after walking in a theme park all day.