A sporty side to Sing: Most ‘active’ performances of recent memory

Delta Delta Delta’s 2023 act, “Delta Motor Speedway,” incorporated a detailed backdrop and costumes to tell the story of a race car catching on fire during a race. Lariat file photo

By Tyler White | Sports Writer

It’s always fun to see the different themes and styles of performances that take place throughout All-University Sing. However, one theme that isn’t heavily featured offers some of the most unique and energetic acts: fitness and sports.

In the last few years, there have only been a select few performances that have featured fitness or sports as the main theme. However, they have all been rather unique and interesting, each with its own style.

Delta Motor Speedway

The most recent sports act was Delta Delta Delta’s “Delta Motor Speedway” from 2023. The most impressive part of the display was the backdrop, which was highly detailed with a crowd and a racetrack full of vibrant colors. The costumes, though simplistic, accentuated the backdrop with their red, blue and yellow colors and their fireman attire. Following the story of a race car catching fire mid-race, the performance had strong flow with unique lyrical changes to signify key moments in the plot, such as pit stops and extinguishing the fire.

Ring by Sing

In 2020, Zeta Tau Alpha put on “Ring by Sing” — a story that followed the preparation for a boxing match. Full of athletic attire and fight-centric choreography, the performance featured a countdown to the big event, full of jump-roping and practice fighting from both “teams” in the show. With the final scene, the background dancers mimicked the fighters in the boxing ring amid a backdrop of flashing lights and a crowd of onlookers. Although it was a simple storyline, the act was full of great energy and fun choreography.

Sweatin’ with Sing Alliance

2018 was a big year for sports-focused performances, with three separate groups putting their own spin on fitness. To begin, Sing Alliance put on a unique performance of training in “Sweatin’ with Sing Alliance.” Although there was no particular storyline, the choreography and design was really well done, full of dances centered around exercises with vocalists acting like fitness instructors. The vibrant backdrop added an amplified energy, making it feel more like a Zumba class than a Broadway-esque number.

Alley Cats

Additionally, Kappa Alpha Theta took its act to the bowling lanes in “Alley Cats.” With a simple backdrop of a bowling alley, the dances took the spotlight, utilizing unique choreography that incorporated bowling balls in a way that seamlessly transitioned between songs. Moreover, a funny section of dancers dressed as bowling pins being hit by a strike gave way to a cool ripple finale that brought the performance to the next level.

Foosin’ Around

Lastly, Phi Gamma Delta put on what might be the most unique sports-focused performance of the last few years with “Foosin’ Around.” The performers, who acted as foosball players, were so full of energy and enthusiasm that it brought the act to a higher level. With impressive sections like a glow-in-the-dark ball floating through the air into the goal and hilarious ones like the referees wearing tear-away pants for “Can’t Touch This,” the act had a great mix of interest and humor.

Though there haven’t been many fitness and sports performances in Sing over the years, the ones that have been put on tape have been nothing short of excellence.