Forecasting 2024 fashion: It’s raining vintage

Tackle 2024 with trending looks, from balletcore to boho. Kassidy Tsikitas | Photographer

By Olivia Eiken | Staff Writer

The turnover rate for clothing trends has increased exponentially with the booming rise and success of social media influencers. Yearly fashion trends and what is considered “in” or “out” vary across regions and age groups, but there are always a few that seem to sweep the majority.

2023 felt like the year of reclaiming comfort and wearability, often mixed with a vintage influence. In 2024, I predict vintage styles and silhouettes will remain popular. I also think ’90s New York City “it girl” chic will be more prevalent than ever, with strong emphasis on mismatched textures and colors.


In 2023, the Chanel ballet flat made its TikTok debut and garnered many differing opinions. Some loved the shoe because of how simple and seemingly timeless its shape and style are. Others, like myself, don’t care for the comeback of ballet flats because we were forced to wear them for childhood Christmas concerts in the early 2000s.

We tend to see ballet-inspired looks from influencers living in fashion hot spots like New York City, but I think the everyday girlies will start incorporating them into their personal wardrobes in 2024. This will include wearing leg warmers — and not just for an ’80s costume party. Opaque light pink or white tights will also be something we see more of in 2024, completing the full balletcore look.


With comfort being a priority in 2023 fashion, most style trends revolved around baggy denim jeans or loose cargo pants. The same desire for comfort will surely spill over into 2024, but it will be achieved in a different way. For the boho fashion lovers and 2010 flower crown wearers, the iconic style will live on to see another year.

With the growing popularity of brands like Free People, more and more are reverting to their Tumblr-esque roots. Flowing maxi skirts coupled with a base layer top and a loose-fitting sheer blouse or vest is going to be what is considered fashionable, specifically in spring 2024. Layering several light layers allows for different colors, patterns and textures to play off each other in a whimsical and unique way. Free People clothing is not exactly cheap, but luckily, this style also encourages secondhand and vintage shopping, which is both on-trend and saving you money.

Bangin’ blazers

The staple clothing item to achieve the ’90s girlboss look is an oversized blazer or sports jacket — bonus points if it’s black and from your dad’s closet. Though a timeless shape and silhouette, its popularity will definitely be a growing trend in the colder 2024 months. I think in 2024, the baggier and more oversized the blazer is, the better. A modern twist on it may include a belt on the outside to give it shape, as well as mixed-metal chains or charms to give it character and a personal look.