Unwind in style: A silly tapestry can be your secret weapon against stress

By Maysie Krause | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

First semester blues? It’s getting closer to midterms, and we’ve never needed something more than a pick-me-up.

Buying a tapestry might seem ridiculous, but that’s the point. Being silly enables the brain to connect with emotions that are critical to coping with stress. You forget how to feel calm, but when you have a good laugh, it’s like everything’s OK again.

I’m here to provide some of the best solutions on the market, starting with my personal favorite.

1. The Rock

As the Rock quoted in the rumble song “Face Off,” “It’s about drive. It’s about power. We stay hungry. We devour. Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours.”

It can often feel like the weeks blend together, and all you’ll need is motivation and something to break that cycle of stress and make an academic comeback.

To be reminded that Dwayne Johnson — the actor, retired professional wrestler and superhero — is behind me is like my secret superpower. Make eye contact with his face on a tapestry, and maybe you’ll go to the gym and attend your lectures.

2. Never back down, never what?

I won’t forget when Baylor football lost against the University of Texas. That’s when I first laid eyes on this tapestry, which was held up in the bleachers. After a brutal beginning, the team just made the biggest comeback in school history against UCF. If the team doesn’t back down, you shouldn’t either.

3. A Bibble a day

With a straight-to-the-point remedy, Bibble knows what you need. For “Barbie” lovers, remember, you are Kenough.

4. Gibby: cowboy edition

A familiar childhood friend and a taste of southern charm all combined into a cheap tapestry … actually, this one’s not so cheap, but nevertheless, you never know the lengths we will go.

5. Do not break down

For those on the brink of breakdown who get up each day to do it all over again, we didn’t forget about you. God makes his toughest battles for his strongest soldiers.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of my favorite Netflix documentaries is “Arnold.” Schwarzenegger was someone who did it all — and having a vision was at the core of his accomplishments. Making your vision come true is something you both can grow to have in common.

7. Let’s go golfing

I love seeing videos of DJ Khaled enjoying life pop up on my Instagram feed. DJ Khaled is living proof that your methods don’t have to make sense to anyone to be successful. Drown out the voices and do what works for you.

8. Let him cook

Keeping a good attitude no matter how tough life is exemplifies the indomitable human spirit, and tapestries can help that motivation. With that sense of silliness and a good work ethic, you’re unstoppable.