Small Business Spotlight: Sophomore Gabriella Sartor turns school project into business

Gabriella Sartor models some of the products she sells through G-Style. Photo courtesy of Gabriella Sartor.

By Kaitlin Sides | Reporter

What started as an end-of-year high school project for Georgetown sophomore Gabriella Sartor has now followed her to Baylor.

Her small business, G-Style, features a variety of clothing and jewelry. On her website, the clothing is sorted into categories of New Arrivals, Gabby’s Picks and the Sales Rack.

“It was kind of just a fun kind of thing, and then I really fell in love with it,” Sartor said.

At first, Sartor said she was unsure of whether she should turn the project into a small business, but with the help of a friend who was a small business owner, she learned the correct steps to take.

“I have a friend who started a similar business,” Sartor said. “So I texted her and said, ‘Hey, Callie. How did you start this? What did you do? What were your steps?’ — everything like that. And she helped me walk through it and really inspired me to just start something that I like and had a passion for, which was just starting a business.”

Sartor said she loves running her small business, but it hasn’t always been as easy as it may seem.

“Honestly, it’s been really hard,” Sartor said. “But I have met so many cool people, like photographers and people that also own small businesses, and I get to do pop-ups in my sorority.”

While she studies entrepreneurship, Sartor said getting to do pop-up shops has been her most memorable moments with her small business.

“I got to do Dr Pepper Hour, which was super fun, where I sold clothes,” Sartor said. “And honestly, I made the most money I’ve ever made doing that. So that was so much fun, and seeing how excited people were about it — it’s just been so fun and so rewarding.”

Through Sartor’s journey, she has met people who have helped encourage her in her small business. Boerne senior Alyssa Salter met Sartor at the majors fair in 2021.

“Gabriella was in the audience, and she came up and started asking me some questions afterward,” Salter said. “So that’s how we first met, was through that experience. It was really funny, because I did not know what to expect for the meeting. We just kind of shared and answered the question.”

Since then, the two have developed a friendship and mentorship. Salter said she wants to pour into Sartor because she has had many amazing upperclassmen invest in her.

“When she showed me her business, I was really surprised — like wow, this is amazing,” Salter said. “And seeing the quality of pictures and the quality of the content, she has a real eye for marketing and real eye for color. And she’s a just starting, so I’m really excited for her to see where she grows.”

Sartor said she plans to continue her small business throughout her time at Baylor and learn how to advance it through her studies.

“My favorite part is the interaction between people who buy things from me,” Sartor said. “So when I get to do things like that, it’s when I really get excited about it.”

Kaitlin Sides is a junior journalism major. She is excited to be a part of the Lariat TV News staff as a broadcast reporter. In the future she hopes to work as a broadcast reporter in Charleston, South Carolina. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and traveling to new places.