BARC hosts Lovefeast, potluck for students

The BARC hosts Lovefeast, a potluck for students. Photo courtesy of BARC

By Bailey Miller | Guest Contributor

On Monday the Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center will hold a potluck called Lovefeast for all students to come and celebrate each other and themselves.

Lovefeast will include food donated from several organizations on campus and will be held from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the BARC.

“We have always tried to have an event before Diadeloso for students in recovery as it can be hard for them,” Lilly Ettinger, assistant director of wellness and recovery at the BARC, said. “We wanted a way to show students they were loved and supported on campus.”

Lovefeast began as a small gathering for students through the Peer Ally Coalition and grew in subsequent years to be a combination of multiple organizations and offices on campus, including Better Together, Campus Recreation and the School of Social Work.

“We really made the event a lot bigger,” Ettinger said. “Not just having the students celebrate themselves, but letting students unite the Baylor community to help celebrate what it is to be an inclusive campus.”

Easton, Pa., senior Cassie Nataro said she is looking forward to seeing her friends at Lovefeast and catching up with them since she will be graduating soon.

“My favorite part of Lovefeast is talking with people,” Nataro said. “I feel like it’s a time where we are able to disconnect from technology and be in community with each other.”

Ettinger said many people also bring their dogs and share the love of a pet with their friends and fellow Baylor students.

“Everyone who supports fellow students is invited,” Ettinger said. “The BARC is a space that is here to support all students, either to help them find the resources or to help them in their journey in supporting others.”

In addition to the Lovefeast, the BARC has several events planned for April, including Dr Pepper Hour and a baking contest.