Review: ‘Death on the Nile’ contains killer cast, plot

Photo courtesy of IMDb

By Lauren Holcomb | Reporter

A new mystery film,Death on the Nile, premiered in theaters Feb. 11. As a mystery fan myself, I had to give this movie a try. With a great cast lineup and an exciting trailer, I had high expectations for this new watch — and I was not disappointed.

I went with a couple of my friends, and part of the fun was guessing the murderer before setting foot in the theater. I would definitely recommend going with a group. Analyzing the plot and stepping into the shoes of the detective made the movie more of an interactive experience, even if it was not originally intended to be.

Mostly taking place on a houseboat on the Nile River, the scenery was to die for. I will admit, the shots were hit and miss. There were some views of the overall landscape that seemed extremely virtual and computerized. While still breathtaking, these threw me off. On the other hand, the close-up shots on the boat itself were jaw dropping. The angles and panoramic choices enhanced the cinematography to another level. At times, I found myself more focused on how it was filmed because it was that good.

Each actor played their role very well. There wasn’t a single character that I felt did a bad job with their respective role. I didn’t feel connected to any individually, but instead I felt connected to their relationships among each other. With a mix of family, friendship and romantic bonds, no character was left out of place, especially since there weren’t any run-of-the-mill archetypes. Each character had a good level of development where I felt I could understand their motives and intentions without feeling like they acted out of left field.

Being a mystery film, I won’t spoil the finale. However, I will say the ending was slightly predictable. The plot development did a great job of throwing me and my friends off the scent, but in the end, I was not completely shocked. Throughout the movie, I had multiple hunches as to who the murderer could be, so I am glad it was not obvious.

Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this movie a watch. Whether on a night out with friends or for a fun night on your own, this movie is sure to entertain. It is not the best murder mystery I have ever seen, but, considering how many films within this genre “Death on the Nile” is following, I think the film did a great job of staying true to the classic mystery style while adding its own new twist.