Baylor Drama Club takes center stage this semester

Baylor Drama Club makes its debut. Illustration by Grace Everett

By Mariah Bennett | Assistant News Editor

Baylor Drama Club is taking the stage after being chartered this semester. The organization “is open to any and all students who are just interested in being in a club that does theatre things,” according to its Connect page.

The club’s co-founders, Burnet freshman Erich Kassner and Richmond freshman Elizabeth Walker, started working on the club after they met at Line Camp this past summer.

The club currently has about 15 to 20 active members. Walker, the vice president, said she is currently the only theater major in the club.

“For me, [Baylor Drama Club is] just something to involve people who don’t get theater constantly in their lives, to let them have that involvement of theater in their everyday life,” Walker said.

As president, Kassner wanted to start the club because he wanted to be able to do theater even though he wasn’t majoring in it.

“I loved theater in high school, so I was like, ‘Why isn’t there a theater club on campus?’” Kassner said. “I wanted to do something that other people who are in my situation can also come in and join.”

Kassner said there are two parts of the organization: monthly club meetings and the performances. The meetings will be filled with theater games.

“There’s something for people who are just interested in wanting to do theater things, then there’s those who are more heavily invested,” Kassner said.

On March 4, the club will be hosting an Oscars Night — a talent show open to the whole Baylor campus, not just club members.

Musical Night, which is entirely made up of musical numbers from different shows, will be held on March 18. Then, on April 22, the club will be hosting an all-skits show filled with a range of skits but with a focus on comedy.

Walker said in the future, she would love the organization to get to a point where it is filled with enough people for every job required.

“Where we have people who are doing tech, people who are casting, people who are directing, if we have people who are interested in film, people who are doing little film projects — where we could work with everybody’s interests, being very versatile and diverse,” Walker said.

“We’re not exclusive to anyone,” Kassner said. “Diversity is a big thing [to us].”

For more information, go to the organization’s Connect or email the club at