That fresh-squeezed feeling: why orange juice with pulp is best

By Gierra Cottingham | Reporter

The refreshing sensation of intaking a cold glass of orange juice after a hearty breakfast is incomparable. Its tangy-sweet flavor satisfies the completion of a meal while enriching our bodies with nutrients. However, the purpose of orange juice cannot be 100% executed and fully appreciated without its best quality: high pulp.

Squeezing fresh juice is an effort that requires strength and time commitment, rather than purchasing an extra pulp juice brand that exerts the same acquired taste. High pulp orange juice not only tastes better in flavor and texture but also ensures health benefits that a juice with no pulp has no power of doing.

Drinking a glass of orange juice per day is a sufficient way to get vitamin C — a vitamin that assists our immune system in fighting off illnesses. Texas’ inconsistent weather, plus the pandemic and flu season, calls for the switch from no pulp to extra pulp to happen now.

Like the COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, pulp is a no-extra-charge orange juice booster. Eliminating it from your glass does nothing but snatch its potential and put it to waste. Orange juice pulp has the power to reduce the effects of high blood sugar levels. Hyperglycemia (high-glucose) causes horrendous symptoms, such as vision malfunction or a rapid heartbeat. Luckily, the proactive approach of committing to a lifestyle with extra pulp can ensure comfortability in knowing that your blood levels are maintained.

High pulp orange juice has further talent by serving as a fiber source. Getting enough fiber is beneficial for weight loss and healthy bowel movement, and it helps lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. These nerve-wracking risks prove the higher level that extra pulp occupies over no pulp.

Body function and mindset can be triggered at times due to an overload of tasks, mental setbacks and stress. Food and drink intake have high affiliation with our productivity. Flavonoids are compounds within our diets that promote peace by clearing everyday stressors and toxins entering our body. The most prevalent compound that orange juice without pulp lacks is flavonoids, and if extra pulp acts as the stress reducer, then the question of whether extra pulp is the best is a no brainer.

To consider pulp as beneficial is the wisest route to follow. Pulp acts to prevent long-term health concerns that we may not consistently be reminded of. The juicy fruit desire is presented in high pulp orange juice while also enacting health wonders in your body. To feel and be better is to rely on the dominance of extra pulp and the choice of your next orange juice purchase.