Oven-roasted pumpkin seeds

Hang on to the seeds of the pumpkins you carve and make this last autumn treat. Photo by Rachel Royster | News Editor

By Rachel Royster | News Editor

Instead of throwing away all the guts of the pumpkins you and your friends are carving, save the seeds for a tasty snack to enjoy after all the fall festivities of the night are over. This is a simple, savory recipe that you can customize into your favorite crunchy snack to get more in the autumn mood. I recommend watching a good Halloween movie while you prepare your seeds — I opted for “Halloweentown” (a classic).

You’ll need:

  • Seeds from two or more pumpkins — keep in mind there aren’t as many seeds in pumpkins as you think

  • Your choice of seasoning

  • Olive oil


  • While carving your pumpkins, keep a bowl on the side to separate the seeds from the guts

  • Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature it’ll go to — mine was set to 170 degrees

  • Wash your seeds with water and dry off as much as possible with towels

  • Pour about a tablespoon of olive oil over your seeds; pour as much as needed to cover the seeds in a thin layer of oil

  • Sprinkle in your choice of seasoning to taste — I used a mixture of Tony Chachere’s creole seasoning and Lawry’s seasoning salt

  • Spread the seeds onto a baking tray so that they don’t overlap

  • Put your trays in the oven and leave overnight for at least eight hours

  • Allow your seeds to roast until they reach the right crispness to your liking