First day of unique Diadeloso week starts with student performances

This year's modified Día kicked off Monday night with performances from several student groups in the SUB Bowl. Cole Tompkins | Photographer

By Brennen DiMarzo | Reporter

Baylor University kicked off Diadeloso week Monday night with a performance by the Baylor Men’s Choir, student dance groups and student artists revealing a mural they created .

Instead of the usual one day of Diadeloso where students get off of class to participate in activities, this year’s celebration is taking place over a week-long period with different events happening each day.

Students were able to watch multiple student performances throughout the night, which attracted a crowd of students, faculty and locals.

“I was walking through campus and I saw all the choir getting ready,” Cindy Roas, Waco local said. “I ran back home and told [my husband] that we are going to a free concert.”

Alongside the Roas family, many students from across campus came to support their friends or participate in the events themselves. McKinney senior Madeline Yancey said she went to watch the men’s choir performance and was happy Baylor was doing something fun to celebrate the week.

“I’m glad they are making an effort to still have Día and still putting on some events, but a day off would’ve been good too,” Yancey said. “I think the break that normally comes with Día is really important for mental health.”

At the end of the night, Montgomery freshman Paige Triplett and Austin freshman Megan Maat revealed their completed mural. This was the first-ever Diadeloso mural, and was worked on live throughout the night of performances.

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