How to ball on a budget

By Vivian Roach | Staff Writer

For probably the third year in a row, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to save money. Being a college student doesn’t make it easy though. A ramen bender is known all too well by college students, so toss the ramen and pull out your student ID instead.

There are many student discounts hiding at businesses around Waco. You may just not realize it. The Go Gold! program has all kinds of dining, entertainment, retail and beauty service partners that offer discounts and free products. Plus, there is an added benefit of taking your business local to support the Waco community that we all love so dearly, of course.

The dining options offer 10, 15, and 20% discounts or free items with a purchase. Most gyms, wellness centers or beauty services have exclusive student memberships at a lower price, and you can just ask if they’re not advertised.

The same goes for museums and local attractions such as the Mayborn Museum, the Dr Pepper Museum, arcades and axe throwing. (Keep these in mind too for when you’re tired of taking your visitors to the Magnolia Silos or to tortilla toss.)

Everyday services like dry cleaning, laundromats, landscaping, doggy daycare, and repair shops also offer 10% discounts. The Bear Mountain, which sells outdoor gear rentals for all your sunny day excursions, gives students a 10% discount too.

Most businesses can be identified as a partner with a Go Gold! sticker at the location. The full list of partners can be found here.

Though not a partner of Go Gold!, Harvest on 25th, a restaurant committed to locally sourced ingredients and clean eating, is currently giving students 15% off orders through Jan. 24.

If you’re a true bargain hunter, you could find money-savers on every corner. Many chain fast-food restaurants offer discounts, but they vary by location. Pizza Hut and Domino’s, pretty cheap they are, offer discounts by campus. Half-off for students on Sunday at Pizza Hut and $4.99 medium pizza any time at Domino’s. Check with other local chain restaurants — Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s and Papa John’s — for more offers.

Additionally, Instagram can be your best friend for limited-time offers. One of the main outlets for marketing now, it is likely business social media accounts will advertise these. It just takes a little looking.