Why Clare is the worst bachelorette ever

By Brittney Matthews | Photo Editor

The Bachelorette had a rough time airing after the pandemic hit, yet their problems got even worse after they chose the worst Bachelorette in history: Clare Crawley.

There was hope for a good season of the Bachelorette when it started. Clare is the oldest Bachelorette and it was about time she finally found her one true love. However, it’s obvious from episode one that Clare does not respect the process of the Bachelorette or the men that went on the show for her.

After Clare meets Dale, she immediately said “I definitely feel like I just met my husband.” It was EPISODE ONE!

You do not say that on the Bachelorette! She hasn’t even met all the guys and she tunnels in on the one who gave her the best first impression. She is not open-minded at all, which is what you have to be when dating 31 men. All 31 men went through so much to be there for her, and she only cares about one.

In episode two, the group date focused on love languages and when Dale gives her a hug, all the guys can tell she is honing in on him. Dale could be the biggest douchebag and she wouldn’t care, her tunnel vision is that bad.

In episode three, she literally spends an hour with him on the group date, taking away time from getting to know the other guys. He then goes back a second time to her during the group date and she immediately ditches the guy she was with. Then with her one-on-one with Zach J., she can only think about Dale and puts no effort into her one-on-one date.

Not only is she close-minded, but Clare also encourages bad behavior. Blake Moynes reached out to her ahead of the show on Instagram, which is breaking the rules, and she thanks him for doing so. Blake is then on the losing team for strip dodgeball, yet he still crashes the cocktail party to see Clare and she thanks him again. She loves any man who is willing to break the rules for her, but there are rules on The Bachelorette for a reason.

Another reason Clare is the worst Bachelorette is because she takes everything personally. In the first episode, she sits down for the cocktail party and there is an awkward silence where no one jumps up for her, and she acts like all the men are not there for her. It was just an awkward silence, move on.

She also didn’t do much to engage them and you get what you put in. She then takes the roast group date personally because all the roasts were about Dale. The date card literally said, “Don’t take this personally,” and she can’t even follow her own writing. She focuses all her time with the guys afterward to figure out why they roasted Dale and she completely wasted their time. She didn’t even give a rose on that group date, which is disrespectful to the men. There was even talk among the guys of all walking out on her.

Clare is also terrible at going on dates. The first group date on love languages is only so she can get compliments and feel better about herself. On the second group date, she makes the guys play strip dodgeball which was extremely awkward, humiliating and degrading. Yosef even left because of it. With the third group date, she just canceled it and stuck to a cocktail party which she then ended early. In the fourth group date, they were instructed to roast each other. Clare took it way too personally, and wasted all the guys’ time talking about Dale.

With her one-on-one with Jason, she asks this man to pour his heart and soul out when they barely know each other. The worst date, though, was her one-on-one with Zach J. She put no energy into it because she was focused on Dale and then got mad at him for not being assertive enough when kissing her. The following conversation about it was so awkward I could barely watch. She then made Chris Harrison send him home. She couldn’t respect Zach J. enough to tell him herself.

All in all, I have never hated a Bachelorette more than Clare Crawley. I can’t wait for Tayshia Adams to take over and be the queen that she is.