Baylor warns of auto thefts on- and off-campus

Baylor issued warnings on Monday for students to be vigilant to prevent auto theft by hiding their things, locking their cars, and taking their keys with them. Brittney Matthews | Photo Editor

Emily Cousins | Staff Writer

Baylor issued a safety notification Monday for Burglary of Motor Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Thefts and Auto Thefts after multiple reports were made on- and off- campus.

The statement said that BMV’s have happened off-campus in adjacent neighborhoods to the university and on-campus in the Eight Street parking garage and the parking area near Stacey Riddle Forum.

“In the majority of these cases, the suspect(s) checked the vehicles to determine if they were unlocked,” the email said. “If so, they enter the unlocked vehicle and remove items of value.”

The safety notification advised the Baylor community to always lock vehicles and close the windows, not to leave valuables in sight and never leave keys in the car.

Two reports of auto thefts were made in areas near campus. The safety tips to keep vehicles from being stolen include always locking the car and closing the windows, to never leave keys in the car and do not keep a spare key in a car.

According to Crime Prevention Officer Sofie Martinez of the Waco Police Department, burglaries in August had gone up 47% compared to August of last year.

“With a burglar, they are looking for an opportunity to break into a vehicle. If they go by and check a car and it’s unlocked, they are going to go in,” Martinez said in an earlier Lariat interview.

Baylor safety notifications are sent when the Baylor community is impacted, but an emergency notification or timely warning is not needed.

“All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to be alert and cautious of their surroundings on and away from campus,” the email said. “In any active emergency, or if you see suspicious activity on or adjacent to campus, immediately report the incident to BUPD at 254-710-2222 or 9-1-1, or by using the BU Campus Guardian phone app.”