Step into the fun socks lifestyle

By Darby Good | News Editor

By incorporating fun socks into your wardrobe, students will find themselves having more fun in their personal style. For the last five years, I have been collecting vibrant socks and adding them to almost every outfit.

Socks are becoming another statement piece that can be worn with almost every outfit and can be worn by anyone. Socks can be dressed up, down or can be worn to fit your personality. I love books and have Jane Austen socks and my sister is a pre-med major with beaker and chemistry socks.

Socks have become a fun part of our relationship because we often exchange socks based on the other’s interests. Our other family members have also joined in on the fun and started wearing more extroverted socks as well.

If more people decided to incorporate fun socks into their daily lives, they would have the opportunity to spice up their wardrobes while also maintaining a level of sophistication.

In addition to elevating any outfit, fun socks are often a great conversation starter. I have had great conversations while walking to class or around campus when someone would comment on my socks. It’s a great way to talk about your interests (if they’re printed on your socks) or just show off your fun personality.

It has also started to become a trend among men to wear patterned socks underneath suit pants. Socks are a universal resource across genders and age groups that can be used across multiple different settings of clothing to bring people more fun in their clothes.

The usage of fun and patterned socks is also common among different age groups in addition to gender. Socks are for literally everyone and incorporating fun socks into your wardrobe will make each step more fun too.

Patterned socks are also a great way to make every outfit personal to you. We place photos in our homes to remember our loved ones and memories. I wear fun socks to remember the things that bring me joy and the people who gifted me certain pairs.

Incorporating socks into my daily outfits has made my life more fun and getting dressed more of a joy. By wearing socks that bring me so much happiness, I have also been able to better communicate to my family what I’m interested in. They just simply have to look at my socks.

In reaction, for the past several years, I have received socks for every holiday and birthday. Since I have such a deep love for socks, the people in my life have been able to intentionally give gifts that mean so much to me. Sometimes, you just have to say it with a sock.

Finding a way to express yourself can come in many different shapes and forms. While some choose to do it through fashion, self-expression exists through multiple different mediums and can be used for different types of messages.

By choosing to wear fun socks almost every single day, I am able to express myself more freely, openly while stepping up my outfits at the same time.