Get hyped over Baylor excellence

You’re a powerhouse now, Baylor. It’s time to start acting like one.

This year, you’ve seen a football team play in the Big 12 Championship as well as the Sugar Bowl. You’ve seen a volleyball team capture a Big 12 Championship and a trip to the Final Four in a sport that rarely sees success from anyone who wouldn’t be considered a blue blood. The Ferrell Center is home to a women’s basketball team who is coming off of a national championship, is currently experiencing unprecedented success within the Big 12, and is arguably the best team in the country. Not to be outdone by the Lady Bears, the men’s basketball squad is coming off of their first home win as the number one ranked team in the country in school history.

Athletic success across the board like this is unheard of. This is the type of stuff that the big dogs such as the University of Texas, the University of Florida or Ohio State dreams of. We’re living in it, but are we acting like it?

Our growth isn’t just limited to the football field or the basketball court either. The university has made it no secret that it’s putting a plan in place to work towards becoming a Tier 1 research university, which at its core is a university that operates at an elite level in both the fields of research and teaching. A distinguishment such as this would put Baylor within the ranks of UT, Texas A&M, and Rice within the state, and would go a long way in accomplishing Baylor’s goal in becoming a top flight research university that is unapologetically Christian.

I say all of this to say this; be proud Baylor nation. The next time you think to put on that Auburn hoodie or that raggedy old USC hat, think again. Ball those up, toss them into the corner of your closet, and replace them with you favorite Baylor sweatshirt or your Sailor Bear hat. The next time you’re bored on a Friday or Saturday night, consider getting with a group of friends and making your way to the Ferrell Center. Once you get there make sure to be loud, stay engaged, and maybe even lob a few Baylor approved insults towards the opposing team’s bench.

Our beloved Baylor is becoming everything that we ever wanted it to be right before our eyes, so don’t forget to fling your green and gold afar every chance you get.