Awareness about climate change starts in schools

Everybody is familiar with the terms “climate change” and “global warming,” but society needs to start understanding the impact those words have on society. Climate change is becoming an issue that immensely affects the future. If people don’t continue to call for change, it will defeat society and permanently change the world. In order to spread awareness about the impact of climate change, the nation’s public education systems need to emphasize the importance of climate change.

The fate of society and the environment lie in the hands of the youth. Current generations will face more difficulties associated with global warming than the generations before them. But there is possibility for change: children in grades Kindergarten through 12 spend more waking hours each day at school than in their homes. Educating students about the issues of global warming in school will create constant exposure to those particular issues and will keep children and teenagers in a constant state of awareness. It will also make them feel more prone to create change for the future.

Additionally, placing posters and recycling bins within the school’s buildings can lead to students becoming more alert. That being said, change can be big as well: some schools can also start composting or going paper free, which can help a learning environment create change.

Raising overall awareness about the issues of global warming should also take place on college campuses. Universities with populations ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of students can lead to change happening on a larger scale. Many colleges have student-led organizations or clubs that help keep campus environmentally friendly. Additionally, colleges in smaller towns and cities tend to have a larger impact on the towns they are located in, therefore spreading awareness around campus can eventually lead to awareness spreading around an entire city.

Although climate change is a worldwide issue with no immediate solution, spreading alertness around the nation and the rest of the world can potentially help create solutions to climate change. Caring for the earth and sharing concern with the youth in schools is a step forward into a better future for society. This type of recognition can start in the nation’s schools where children, teenagers and young adults can all come together and call for change.

Megan Messer