Welcome Center should emulate IHOP

There is nothing more welcoming than pancakes and coffee.

The IHOP by Baylor campus was an iconic location for many generations of Baylor students. The university recently forced its closure and demolition to begin construction on the new Mark and Paula Hurd Welcoming Center.

The IHOP had 24/7-hour service, which was great for many Baylor students. They also served unlimited free coffee refills, which was another appealing factor. Having it right across the street from the campus is a college student’s dream come true. The location, hours, pancakes and coffee refills will be missed.

Baylor students loved the pancakes that were served but more than that, they found community at the IHOP.

“I don’t know where to go for my pancakes anymore. I try to make my own, but they are not the same. The campus IHOP was a congregating place for my friends and I where we could kick back and bond over pancakes,” Jacob Sloan, a pancake enthusiast and Baylor senior, said.

Having the freedom to escape the never-ending business of college life by walking across the street was a valuable resource for students. The closing of IHOP is not only getting rid of a tasty breakfast option but it is also removing a safe place for students.

A place that students can congregate and bond should be of top priority to Baylor. This is what creates unity for students and will push them to excel and be proud of their university. Taking away traditions that have been around for many generations. Without implementing others will cause a negative impact on the perspectives that students have of the university.

The reality of the situation is that the IHOP will never re-open its doors at its location across the street from Baylor. However, the tradition of students congregating over pancakes and coffee does not have to end with the closure.

When the Mark and Paula Hurd Welcoming Center is completed, Baylor should implement a lounge area that serves pancakes and coffee. This will uphold the tradition that has been a part of Baylor students for many years, while at the same time giving the people visiting a taste of the experiences that take place at Baylor.

Dan Butler
Corporate communications major