Love your Living-Learning Center

By Nathan De La Cerda | Multimedia Journalist

Baylor’s Living Learning Centers are special communities designed for all students with similar interests and academic curriculum. These centers are housed within different residence halls across campus. Students within their programs share common spaces in their residence halls, as well as other academic courses required by their LLC.

The courses required by an LLC will ultimately broaden the skillsets that are held by students. These skills may be extremely useful for students’ future careers. These programs are targeted towards developing a much more close-knit community within students. The programs support diversity as many students within an LLC are able to experience the culture of those who they develop relationships within their program.

Many students within an LLC are provided with many opportunities to create important relationships with those around them. Anywhere you look, there is always someone ready to help out with any problem’s students may be struggling with. This can include their peers in the program or even additional LLC staff.

As a current member of the Outdoor Adventure LLC, I must mention that joining the program was one of the best decisions I could make as an incoming freshman. I can personally attest that the sense of community that is established within the Living-Learning Centers provides the perfect environment to discover your spot at Baylor.

I found that it was extremely easy to make new friends within the LLC since we were all encouraged to engage in relationship with each other. You become a part of small community that becomes a family. I have developed many close friendships with people around me that I feel have become my best friends here at Baylor. It has even become an aid in assuring that my homesickness is reduced to a minimum.

In addition, I have found that it is very hard to become bored when you are in an LLC. There is always some event or hangout session happening so there is no doubt that you will find something to do. In the couple of weeks that I have been apart of the LLC, I have learned mountain biking, backpacking, rock-climbing, and camping skills and techniques. We have had some team bonding exercises, dinners, and even went out camping at Meridian State Park with my LLC. These have all been extremely fun events that I have the opportunity to experience in an LLC.

One of the additional benefits of joining an LLC is that many students are able to move into their residence halls a day earlier than the rest of the student body on campus. This extra time allows for many students to adjust to their new lifestyle in a much smaller environment before the big crowd of new students comes rolling in.

Living-Learning Centers are also known to provide valuable skills and events that are helpful tools that assist students to engage in their learning at Baylor. Some of the activities and experiences that are facilitated by LLC programs are some that many other people do not get the chance to do. Thus, creating many opportunities for students to grow close to those around them.

Additionally, many core values and ideas on morality will be taught to students within the LLC. The knowledge has full capability of impacting and leading more people to live a more ethical and moral lifestyle.

Joining an LLC has truly been one of the most unique experiences I could have chosen to embark on during my time at Baylor. It has pushed me to become a better person who values relationships and social skills while also encouraging me to go out and make life-long friendships. The LLC program has pushed me outside of my comfort zone to break limits, ultimately providing me with skills I never thought I was capable of learning.