Underdog sports deserve student support too

Rewon Shimray | Opinion Editor

As a Texas university, football games often dictate most fall weekend plans. Football dominates everyday conversation and merchandise at the Baylor Bookstore. As much entertainment and pride football brings to the school, it is important to remember Baylor University Athletics is composed of over a dozen other sports.

Every Baylor athlete is a student and fellow Bear. Most of us are overwhelmed with regular school obligations, and student athletes balance a full course load as well as practice. Their hard work should be respected and recognized. Cheering them on can take various forms.

While not as popular, other sporting events can be fun to attend, too. Each sport brings its own dynamic. While tennis is fast-paced, keeping audiences’s eyes moving, golf has periodic moments of action. Track meets can be watched from a stationary seat in the stadium; cross country races require fans scramble to catch runners at different points around the course.

People who don’t necessarily enjoy the loud sounds and large crowds of football games do not have to swear off sporting events altogether. There is a sporting event for every type of spectator.

For the students who can’t make it out to the game, support can be expressed on social media, too. Follow the scores, congratulate players and give a shout out every now and then.

Every student athlete sacrifices blood, sweat and tears to represent our school well. In turn, we should take to the court, turf and field to show our support.