Baseball will always be America’s pastime

By Cole Tompkins | Multimedia Editor

Baseball may not always be the most popular or entertaining sport, but it will always be America’s pastime. Baseball has been around since the 1800s, making it possibly the oldest organized sport in America.

It is also one of the most widespread sports in the world and not just because it’s in the Olympics, either.

There is an entire league dedicated to teaching the youth of the world the sport of baseball: The Little League World Series (LLWS). Roughly 3 million people tuned in across the globe to watch the 2018 LLWS championship game. For context, in the same year, 13.8 million people tuned into game one of the MLB world series.

While that is a huge difference in the number of people viewing any given game, consider the fact that more than 3 million people devoted a couple hours out of their day to watch two teams of 10- to 12-year-olds play baseball. If that isn’t a testament to the world’s love of baseball, then what the heck is?

Besides the fact that baseball is an American staple and the vast majority of the human population has played some form of baseball in their lifetime, there is one additional factor that no other sport can ever come close to beating baseball in: accessibility.

The MLB has 30 teams, which all play upwards of 160 games per season, depending on the playoffs. That right there is such a vast amount of opportunity to go and see a game in person. Then you add on top of that the fact that MLB tickets are dirt cheap.

I kid you not, I just looked up tickets for the Rangers at the Yankees, and I can get into the gate for $3 and that is at Yankee Stadium. From Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle, there is almost no one who hasn’t heard of the Yankees and for a mere $3 you can see them live and in person.

Name one more team that has that level of notoriety that you can see live and in person for that price tonight. Can’t name one? Me either.