Perks of bringing your pet to school

Tyler Bui | Staff Writer

I think we can all agree that a hug from a furry friend can make any situation a lot better. Whether you’re studying for a test, up late writing a paper or just in need of a smiling face, pets will always be there to encourage you. What if I told you that you could bring your favorite four-legged friend to college?

Moving away from home is a big milestone, and we all know that college can be stressful. Having your pet at school provides an abundance of emotional support and can also teach you valuable skills that are fundamental to everyday life.

It may seem unusual to bring along the family pet to school. However, after bringing my dog with me to Baylor during my sophomore year, I’m not sure how I would function without my four-legged companion, Tiffani.

Coming from Massachusetts, I sometimes feel homesick being so far away from my family. Having a little piece of home with me is more comforting than I could have ever expected, especially when school gets difficult. My dog is my home away from home.

On top of moving to a new place, schoolwork and studying gets more difficult at college as well. Once test weeks and finals begin, we know that anxiety and stress come along with them. Having a pet to come home to cuddle with is a lot more helpful than you’d think.

Studies show that human-animal interaction can benefit one’s mental health and aid in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Your pet can help you cope with the different stressors that come with school and help you navigate your college experience with their encouragement.

Not only has my dog helped me deal with the road bumps I’ve faced, but she has also taught me important lessons that have helped me mature and become a better student.

Being responsible for someone other than myself has taught me how to manage my time better and to put others’s needs before my own. By having a pet, you are accepting the responsibility of caring for them and prioritizing their well-being.

During my freshman year, I often spent my free time taking naps, watching Netflix and (sometimes) procrastinating. Now that I have Tiffani with me, I find myself spending my free time staying active and being more conscious of how I spend my time outside of class and work.

Having my dog at school has also helped me form closer relationships, especially with my teammates. As a member of the Equestrian team, we all share a common love for animals. However, we are a big team and sometimes it can be tough to get to know everyone on a deeper level. Between the 65 of us, there are over 15 girls who have brought their pet to Baylor. Every night after dinner, we bring our dogs to the field to play, and it’s a great time to bond with teammates in a more relaxed setting.

Bringing our pets to Baylor has helped with our team cohesion and has helped me develop relationships with teammates I didn’t previously know well.

Bringing your pet to school is one of the best things you can do. With their emotional support, wisdom and unconditional love, there are countless reasons how they can help you have a more productive and happy college experience.