Baylor Theatre gears up for new year

Baylor Theatre is looking forward to show what they've been working on this season. Photo courtesy of Baylor Theatre

Baylor Theatre is preparing for some exciting new things.

The productions are now being designated as either Green or Gold Series.

“The gold series shows are going to be the ones that you’d expect from Baylor Theatre — the big budget productions with lots of resources,” Wood said. “Then we’re also going to do our green series shows, and those shows are similar to what we’d find out in the real world after college– in terms of working with smaller theatres.”

Attendees or show-goers can look forward to seeing some classics being brought to the stage.

Jump-starting the 2019-2020 production calendar with tickets on sale Sept. 17, is “Matilda The Musical” (Gold). This Tony-winning masterpiece tells the story of an “extraordinary girl with a vivid imagination, who dares to take a stand and change her destiny” and is being held in Baylor’s Jones Theatre from Oct. 2 to 13.

“The rights just became available this past year, so it’s still new, and it’s so lively and full of energy,” said Lisa Denman, undergraduate program director and director of “Matilda the Musical.” “It feels like a really good fit for this year … with the season we’re having, it just felt like a smart move.”

In this modern take on Sophocles’ epic tale, “Antigone” (Green) tells the tale of “one young woman [who] will defy an empire — whatever the cost.” The show will be held in the Mabee Theatre from Nov. 7 to 10 with tickets on sale beginning Oct. 22.

“Rhinoceros” (Green) is a “thought-provoking fable about herd mentality and being comfortable in your own skin,” with tickets on sale beginning Nov. 1. The show being held in Baylor’s Jones Theatre from Dec. 3 to 8. “As rhinoceroses race through town, the citizens have their friendships, loyalties, and identities tested.”

“Yerma” (Gold) is about a woman who’s “greatest desire is to conceive the child who visits her dreams, and after years of marriage, her increasing urgency to become pregnant drives her to pursue magic and holy intervention.” Performed in the Mabee Theatre from Feb. 18 to 23, make sure to buy your tickets starting Feb. 4.

“Enjoy,” (Green) a dark comedy about love, work, and adulting, is presented as a part of Baylor’s “Spotlight Japan 2020.” The spotlight is a week centered on research and cultural growth in order to better understand the history of Tokyo. Tickets for this production go on sale March 16, and the show is being held in the Mabee Theatre from March 26 to 29.

As one of the two students selected for this dramaturgy research opportunity, Wood certainly learned a lot from her experiences.

“There were so many things that I saw that were amazing and are really going to help form the culture that we’re going to have to reproduce on stage,” Wood said. “It’s going to be very experimental with an abstract set design.”

What happens when “all four members of the eccentric Bliss family [separately invite] mismatched guests to their country house for the weekend — without telling each other or their hapless maid?” “Hay Fever” (Gold) tickets go on sale April 14, and the show is being held in Baylor’s Jones Theatre from April 28 to May 3.

Don’t forget to join Baylor Theatre for “caBEARet” at the end of each semester to hear musical performances from students in the Musical Theatre Workshop, Dec. 13 to 14 and May 8 to 9. This musical revue features the upperclassman singing and dancing to hit songs from a variety of Broadway shows, all based on a theme decided upon for the semester.