Diverse representation in film will improve with Generation Z

By Michael Waterman | Contributor

In movies such as “Get Out,” “Us” and “Hidden Figures, African-American actors and actresses have taken center stage. These creations have brought about the conversation of equal representation in films. When blockbuster movies expand the diversity in their cast, younger generations will not see this as different or strange because this is what they grew up with. They show that minority actors and actresses can make great movies not only portraying the history of their culture, but also that they can make just as good a movie as their white counter-parts. This establishes a more accepting culture through gradual change.

Media is a catalyst to mass change in society. The idea and representation of sex in the public eye has changed drastically from 50 years ago. It would have been unheard of to have a sex scene in a film or TV series. Today those scenes are commonplace, and people do not bat and eye when they appear in a movie or TV show. One of the largest followed shows, “Game of Thrones,” contains very graphic sex scenes, and it is revered in society. Society will change; it will adapt; it will grow and surpass itself. I have faith in the new generation and its capabilities of acceptance and inclusion. With growing intelligence and exposure comes a decrease in hurtful and misguided traditions of racism.

This under-representation movement has experienced great success this year. Actors and actresses of color had a record-breaking year at the Oscars in 2019. This is a drastic improvement from only four years ago, where there were not any non-white actors nominated in the actor categories.

The budding Generation Z has had these movies readily available to them at such a critical age. This normalizes this movement, accomplishing its goal. A major reason for racism and persecution is because it differs from society’s norm. Yet, because the youth are being exposed to the inclusion of others, when they take their places as leaders of society, they will create their own society norms.

The battle for a correction of society is a long and hard one, but it is within view. Now is the time for patience and faith. Place your faith in me and the rest of my peers in Generation Z. This change is within the foreseeable future. What is holding this reform back is the current generation in control today. Keep voting for what is right and continue to create the masterpiece movies you have thus far. This is not a dead-end, greener pastures are on the horizon and I am thrilled to see what it looks like.

Michael Waterman
Sophomore finance and management information systems major
Round Rock