Actively support special needs community

By Holden Frueh | Contributor

The special needs community desires people to help and serve them and just spend time with them. These people need connections and they need to feel loved.

This group of people has the potential to do so much good in this world. But they are also calling for help. Many people will support them with their words and say that they care about the special needs community, but few do anything about it.

This is such a flaw that so many of us have. We will continue to say we support things and say that we care about the special needs community but what are we doing in order to support them? Does us saying that we care about these people really make a difference in their lives? I really don’t think that it does. How will any of these people feel the impact of our thoughts for them if they never even meet us?

I have spent time with special needs children throughout high school and now in college. Every one of these children wanted nothing more than a friend they could count on. More of us should find any way possible to reach out to the special needs community. We need to find ways to truly be there for them.

There is such a need for people to step out and be friends with this community. They long for relationships and comfort that comes along with it. Through your school, your church or whatever organizations you are in, there are so many opportunities to go out and serve this community. There are organizations within our community that strive to build these friendships

and we need to do a better job of seeking these chances out and truly pursuing them. There is a ministry called Helping Hands that is all about teaching these young children. Another group, Best Buddies, strives to build relationships between the special needs community and our community. Organizations like these two need your help.

I am tired of people voicing their support for this group of people and doing nothing about it. If you truly did support this group and want what is best for them, then I really think you should be reaching out to this community and do whatever you can do to support them. I understand that it may not always be easy or convenient, but it is so important that we do all that we can to make sure that this community feels loved and cherished.

Holden Frueh
Sophomore pre-business major