Don’t hate on Magnolia

By Madison Day | Assistant News Editor

Many local Wacoans and Baylor students alike often moan and groan about Magnolia Market, it’s overpriced goods and the traffic it has brought to downtown Waco. However, Magnolia seems to bring more good than harm to the Waco community.

For starters, it has brought a wealth of economic growth to city of Waco. Yes, the tourism can be a bother at times, but those 2.6 million people that visited Magnolia this past year also help the Waco economy greatly. It gives the town more exposure, and often the tourists trickle over to other local businesses and spread the wealth to places other than Magnolia. According to an article by the Waco Tribune-Herald, in 2017 hotel occupancy rates were at 75 percent.

Another economic bump comes from the many jobs Magnolia provides to the Waco community. The entire Magnolia brand has over 500 employees, according to its LinkedIn profile. From being a chef at Magnolia Table to working at the Magnolia headquarters on Bosque Avenue, there are many opportunities for jobs within the Magnolia family.

Magnolia has not only given a boost to the pockets of Chip and Joanna Gaines, but other local businesses have sprouted up and flourished most likely thanks to the exposure Waco received from Fixer Upper. New businesses are constantly popping up around the community, and people from other cities in Texas, such as Austin or Dallas, and all around the United States are moving to Waco to start businesses or reap the benefits of more affordable housing. For example, Common Grounds gained exposure from Fixer Upper, and the coffee shop owners now have several other businesses that have blossomed because it like Heritage and Slow Rise.

I’ve been visiting family in Waco for my whole life, and the commercial growth I’ve witnessed in Waco since the start of Fixer Upper and refurbishing of the Silos has been exponential.

In addition to the economic benefits of Magnolia, the Silos are also just a fun place to visit on a beautiful day. Not to mention, it’s a great place to take your parents when they come in town for a visit. Take a book, grab some friends and head to Silos to get some sweet tea and a cupcake. You can lounge around on the lovely black and white striped bean bags and just enjoy a nice day in Waco.

Thanks to Magnolia, you have 12 additional food options for lunch or any early dinner around Waco all in one place.

So instead of making a fuss about the traffic surrounding downtown Waco on the weekends or complaining about how the Gaines’s are taking over the town, just appreciate all the good stuff Magnolia has to offer the city of Waco.