Connect with classmates on GroupMe

Rewon Shimray | Cartoonist

In need of a forum to access homework help and enact deadline changes? Class group messages are arguably the most underrated resource for students. Other than a professor or Teaching Assistant, no one can really help you with a course as much as a fellow classmate can. We have all experienced remorse over times we did not have a class group message.

Moments a GroupMe would have been helpful:

  • When class was cancelled last minute, and you never saw the Canvas or email notification before arriving to class.
  • When you had a question about something said in class.
  • When you needed a united front to request a deadline extension from a professor.
  • When you missed class, but did not have the contact information for anyone to ask what you missed.

GroupMe offers an easy way to create group messages compatible with all phone types. The app also has features that a normal group chat would not. Conducting polls helps settle disagreements, and creating events can easily organize large study groups or project work time.

The customizable experience of GroupMe also helps create a class culture among students. Playful aspects such as “Meme”-ing images and the “Like” feedback button allow more interaction. The group avatar, group name, topic and individual nicknames within the group can also be sources for creative fun.

Unlike most high school schedules, college classes only last for one semester. It can be difficult to form significant friendships during the limited exposure classmates have with each other. Group messages broaden the opportunities for students to connect with each other. Short-term acquaintances are more likely to become the long-term friends people enter into college looking for.