Title IX handling reports of rape at Russell

Baylor University sent an email out on Jan 31. to South Russell residents assuring them that school officials were assessing the three rapes reported on Jan 28. This crime log shows the specifics of each case. Courtesy of Baylor University.

Sarah Asinof | News Editor

Baylor University sent an email on Thursday to South Russell residents assuring them that school officials have assessed and addressed the three cases of rape that were reported to the authorities earlier this week.

According to the Baylor University Police crime log, which is mandated by the federal Clery Act, the rapes occurred on Dec. 2, Jan. 19, and Jan. 20 in the residence hall. All of the cases were reported to the Baylor University Police Department and officially entered into the crime log on Jan. 28.

“These incidents are all related and involve the same individuals,” according to the crime log.

Baylor media spokesperson Tonya Hudson said, “The rape charges fall under Title IX jurisdiction, and all information regarding the cases is confidential.”

Baylor Police Chief Brad Wigtil told the Lariat that the rape complaints were turned over to the Title IX office for investigation.

The Baylor Lariat broke the story of the rape complaints online on Wednesday. On Thursday, Baylor officials sent an email to South Russell residents addressing the allegations.

“We take these allegations very seriously, and our firm commitment to our students is to ensure the safety and security of our campus community,” the email stated. “Title IX will continue to monitor the situation.”

South Russell residents told the Lariat on Thursday night that Baylor police officers were parked in front of the building and were making rounds in the hallways for security purposes.

In reviewing the Baylor Police crime log, the Lariat found another report of a rape and a dating violence at Alexander Hall, which was reported on Dec. 12. It was also sent to the Title IX office. There is no indication that this complaint is connected to the South Russell incidents.

All reported crimes on Baylor’s campus must be entered in the Baylor crime log in compliance with federal Clery Act requirements. Hudson said the Clery Act reporting requirements do not make a distinction between whether the reported allegations are true or unfounded but requires that all reported crimes be recorded and included in the daily crime log.