Baylor’s Apparel Professionals promotes professional success

The Baylor Apparel Professionals is a student organization that seeks to provide professional opportunities for its many members, both during school and in the working world. Photo courtesy of Kylee Willmoth

As a multi-trillion dollar industry, the fashion world is a powerful force in the modern era, and it’s only growing. The Baylor Apparel Professionals is working to provide students with opportunities to excel in the fashion and retail industries once they leave Baylor.

For Austin senior Gabriella Gaida, her love for fashion began before she became a Baylor Bear.

“I never really knew what I wanted to do growing up, but I was always interested in magazines,” Gaida said. “I have been collecting magazines for years now and I would cut out images and make collages when I was younger. When it finally came time to decide what my major was, I was looking at marine biology or computer science, but this major really stood out to me.”

The organization works to give students the connections they need to jump start a successful career in the fashion world.

“Our organization is a great opportunity for students to connect with people in the professional world in the fashion industry and understand what they do in their career, how the got to where they are, and also be able to connect with students that have done internships through the summer,” Gaida said. “We recently held a internship panel and I think that was really beneficial because it is a really stressful time.”

Waco senior Elizabeth Clark has been involved in the organization since the onset of her college career.

“I got involved my freshman year because my professors mentioned it in class,” Clark said. “At first it was just an extra credit opportunity and then I realized that it was really beneficial for me to go and learn what professionals in the fashion industry are doing.”

Houston junior Kylee Willmoth is a member of the Baylor Apparel Professionals and regularly attends events the group holds on campus.

“We did Late Night for the first time this year,” Willmoth said. “We have monthly meetings and we are also adding social meetings …The main thing people can get involved with is the fashion show in April. It is the senior collection of everything.”

While the organization gives members the tools and support needed to break into the fashion world, the organization affects positive personal change in the lives of its members. Waco junior Erin Ladermilk has developed close friendships through the group.

“Through BAPS I learned about the study abroad program and I was able to meet Kylee who is an officer and we have just been able to grow through the organization and also our friendship” Ladermilk said.

To reach out to the organization, someone can follow their social media pages, email (, or check out their Orgsync.