It’s On Us freshman seminar missed the mark

By Anna Tabet | Guest Contributor

As a freshman this year, I had the experience of attending the “It’s On Us” seminar. The event’s main focus was on educating students of the dangers of rape within and beyond our campus. Overall, the event seemed well planned and thought provoking. However, I truly believe Baylor lost out on an opportunity to institute real change.

As a young woman, I have been taught by everyone of the importance of preventing sexual assault in my life. I’ve watched the videos. I’ve heard the speakers. I’ve sat through hour long seminars, and yet I’ve never once heard the men be told how to treat women correctly. I’ve only ever been taught how to live in fear that one day someone will decide that it’s my turn to be mistreated. My aim is not to dim the importance of safety; it is simply to remind those who have been taught otherwise that no one is an object there for your use. In order to truly see a difference in all communities, we must spread the basic message that every person is worthy of respect, for it truly is on us.

Anna is a freshman journalism major from Austin.