Conspiracy theories influence society

By Michael Karr | Broadcast Intern

Conspiracy theories have shaped and molded modern day society, whether people want to admit it or not. I personally love hearing about them and forming my own opinion on certain theories.

First, when I think of conspiracy theories, I think of one thing: fake moon landing. Although it’s a rather unpopular opinion, there are certain elements that would suggest that the first picture ever taken on the moon could be fabricated.

When looking at the facts besides the ones NASA has released, two things stick out more than anything else. One is the fact that we were in a race with Russia to reach the moon, and the other is that America has always been a competitive nation.

It could be possible that NASA faked a picture to show the world that we were the best, reaching the moon before our Soviet neighbors. I have no doubt that we have been to the moon since then, but this first visit seems less likely when evaluating all components of the time. More information on the theory can be found here.

Next, I think of the group that could be controlling most things in the world; the Illuminati, an elite group of people who are thought to have a hand in every major event.

The Illuminati have been often put on the same platform as the Freemasons and other known societies, but we know for a fact that these groups exist. The answer to whether or not the Illuminati exist is unknown, but I find it likely.

One of my main pieces of evidence is the group known as Anonymous. This is group of elite hackers that have caused riots, stood their ground and often helped the world. Although I do not think the two groups are connected, Anonymous is proof enough that societies can break any barriers they want and still remain unknown.

The Illuminati was once a real organization, known as the Order of the Illuminati in Germany, during the Enlightenment era. Like many secret societies, they could possibly have stayed in existence, branching over to other countries and still influencing daily life.

Celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been known to make the Illuminati sign with their hands during concerts, causing some people to believe that many of the members could be modern-day celebrities, especially since their influence is one of the largest today. More on the Illuminati theory can be found here.

Another conspiracy theory that interests me is a popular one: that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

It is proven and true that Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots at JFK, killing him, but exactly how one individual pulled this off so easily is where the conspiracy part of the theory begins.

One piece of evidence shows that Russia may have been involved. Oswald was seen at the Russian Embassy in Mexico City only weeks before he killed Kennedy, but it is unclear what was said while he was there.

Not only this, but Oswald also lived in Russia for three years after his honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. When caught and questioned, Oswald claimed he was a scapegoat for the killing of JFK, although he was arrested for killing a police officer.

Oswald also claimed to be a Marxist, which was applied by Lenin in the Soviet Union. It was known throughout the U.S. Marine Corps that Oswald showed pro-Soviet tendencies and held the beliefs associated with them.

I am not sure exactly what I believe with this theory, but I know that I believe that Oswald did not act alone, and who helped him is the question that remains. More on this theory can be found here.

Although many do not believe these theories, many others do, and that is what keeps conspiracy theories alive. Discussing these theories with people can bring new ideas that only help the conspiracy thrive, keeping society wondering if we know everything or nothing at all.