Showing appreciation improves relationships

By Julia Vergara | Staff Writer

Maintaining a relationship, any relationship, takes work –– I think that’s a fact that most people tend to overlook. Instead of being considered something that needs to be cared for, we tend to see relationships as things that are just there and will always be there, which, unfortunately, leads us to take the people in their lives for granted. Showing appreciation to those in our lives is a small and simple task that should be used every single day, or as often as possible.

For every platonic, romantic, parent-child, sibling or student-teacher relationship, it’s going to take appreciation to make it thrive. Being ungrateful toward your friend, family or any important person in your life can eventually destroy that relationship. No one wants to feel like they are being taken for granted, and those who feel like they are probably are not going to happily stick around for very long.

It really is not a difficult task to show your appreciation to others. It’s really the little things that make people feel like they are important to you. For friends, it’s as simple as taking time out of your schedule to grab coffee with them, showing your support by going to their athletic games or performances and comforting them during hard times. You can show your significant other that you appreciate them by sending sweet messages throughout the day, complimenting them and taking part in their hobbies. For parents, you can call them regularly when you are away and make sure to schedule time with them whenever you can. For siblings, it’s easy to offer help when they need it or take some time to hear about how school or work is going.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of energy or effort to show how much you appreciate those you care about. If someone means a lot to you, you should try to let them know. And appreciation doesn’t have to stop at personal relationships, you can show appreciation to your employer, employees, teachers and anyone you wish to maintain a good relationship with.

Whether it’s making sure to show your gratitude to a teacher who has helped you with a homework problem, complimenting your employees on a job well done or thanking your server at a restaurant, any small act of appreciation can help improve your relationship with someone.

People love to feel like they are valued, whether it’s for their work, their friendship or just for who they are as a person. However, in our busy lives, we often forget to take time to let others know that we value them. If we want good, healthy relationships with the people in our lives, we should make a point to let them know how much they mean to us.

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