Humane Society covers adoption fees for cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Reporter

While Hurricane Harvey displaced hundreds of people from their homes, pets also found themselves without a home in the wake of disaster. That’s why the Humane Society opened its shelter to receive animals that have been affected by the hurricane. Last week, the Humane Society received 46 cats from shelters in the Houston area.

Don Bland, Humane Society executive director, said the Doris Day Animal Foundation has helped the Humane Society cover the adoption fees — making the owner save up to $75.

“The Doris Day Animal Foundation has helped us cover the sponsorship fees so that we can adopt them at no cost to the new owners to help them find homes quickly,” Bland said.

Among the animals in need of a new home are cats.

“These were animals that were in homes and we want to get them back in homes as soon as we possibly can,” Bland said.

In the last couple of days, over 20 cats have been adopted. The Humane Society will be covering the adoption costs of these cats until they are all gone.