Fashion blog, Buttoned Bears holds Buttoned Pop-Up Shop

Founders of Buttoned Bears, (From Left) Westlake Village, Calif., senior Hannah Kleinick, Ranhco Santa Fe, Calif., senior Taylor Wong and Plano senior Abby Thompson founded the fashion blog Buttoned Bears three years ago. Buttoned Bears will be hosting its third annual Buttoned Pop-Up Shop from 3 to 5 p.m. today at LL Sams Lofts. Photo credit: Courtesy Photo

By Brianna Bassett | Reporter

Buttoned Bears has changed the game for student fashion at Baylor. Buttoned is a fashion blog that posts the latest trends and fashion tips and even highlights different students around campus to let them share their unique styles.

Buttoned was started three years ago by Baylor students Ranhco Santa Fe, Calif., senior Taylor Wong, Plano senior Abby Thompson and Westlake Village, Calif., senior Hannah Kleinick.

Wong, founder, said Buttoned was started in their dorm room freshman year, and it was just for fun.

“We figured our parents and close friends would think it’s cool and read our blog and that’s about it,” Wong said.

As the site grew, the three came up with better ideas on how it could expand. Wong said they even started receiving emails from small businesses asking if they could be featured on the blog.

“That was when we realized maybe it wasn’t just our parents reading,” Wong said.

Westlake Village, Calif., senior Gabby Stevens was featured on the its Buttoned blog in the “So Hot Right Now” section. Stevens said she really likes the blog because it is relatable, especially since they use students as their models.

“It was also really fun to be featured on the blog since I have seen a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for Buttoned from the very beginning,” Stevens said.

Buttoned now has a team of 16. Jobs include photographers, website managers, editors, social media coordinators and even an event planner.

Last year, Buttoned started a new event called Buttoned Pop-Up Shop. The pop up shop is an event where several carefully selected vendors gather and sell their products.

“I love Pop Up because we keep it local and student-oriented,” Thompson said. “It’s impressive how talented the people we go to school with are, and it makes me really happy when people are recognized for something they are good at.”

Buttoned will host its third annual Buttoned Pop-Up Shop from 3 to 5 p.m. today at LL Sams Lofts. There will be 13 vendors in attendance – including 31 Bits, Milo and The Modern Well – selling jewelry, shirts, home décor, coffee and more.

There will also be a raffle at the event. With every $10 spent, customers will get a raffle ticket that goes toward the prize — a free photo shoot with Buttoned photographer Mike Chuang.

“I love how fashion can be so personal. I mean, if you read the interviews on our “So Hot Right Now” section, everyone has a special story or interesting reason why they dress the way they do or why a piece is special to them. That has been amazing to see throughout the Buttoned journey,” Thompson said.

Wong said they have been working on showing younger people the ropes since the three founders will graduate in May.

“I’m hoping that Buttoned continues with the blog and continues to grow,” Wong said. “My dream is that the annual pop up shop continues to happen and that the future team leaders come up with bigger and better events.