‘Let’s talk about sex’ opened my eyes to a serious healthcare issue at Baylor

Before reading this editorial, it never occurred to me how important addressing sexual health on college campuses really is. Baylor does, in fact, act like sex is something that students don’t do, or even think about doing for that matter. Sex is never mentioned out in the open for students on campus, and the truth is students may be too scared to mention it for fear of being judged.

Despite Baylor’s statement on human sexuality, the university must accept the reality: Students are already having sex, or they are talking about having sex. College is the first time most of these students are able to make their own decisions without having mom and dad around. With that being said, Baylor needs to provide students with a clinic, or simply a place where sexual health information is available and students can talk and get the resources they need to practice safe sex. If Baylor does this, Baylor students will see that they attend a school that cares about their students’ sexual health by providing a resource on campus in which they can go, and I emphasize, at their free will.

There is no need to get uncomfortable and force students to come to this clinic if they do not want to. However, the clinic should be on campus and should be available to all students. I think this will benefit not only Baylor, but also its relationship with the students. In addition, this could minimize unplanned pregnancies, STDs and STIs, which is already a growing issue on any college campus.

Allie Gonzales, Magnolia sophomore