Baylor students showcase their talent at After Dark

Students that will be appearing in After Dark rehearse their acts Thursday night in Waco Hall.

By Kalyn Story | Staff Writer

Frisco senior Isabella Maso performed an original song in front of thousands just one month into her freshman year at Baylor. Now, as a senior, she prepares to sing and play the guitar this weekend at After Dark.

“After Dark is so special to me, I am already feeling nostalgic about this weekend,” Maso said. “It’s almost as if my Baylor career is coming full circle with this performance.”

This performance is particularly special to Maso because her brother is a freshman at Baylor and will be in the audience Saturday, along with their parents.

Maso will be singing “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert, a choice inspired by her feelings toward Baylor and graduating.

“The song is about going back to the place you grew up,” Maso said. “In a way, Baylor is where I grew up.”

Maso will actually change the last line of the song to reflect her growth at Baylor. Instead of the original lyric of “The House that Built Me,” Maso will sing “because Baylor built me.”

Students that will be appearing in After Dark rehearse their acts Thursday night in Waco Hall. Photo credit: Lariat File Photo

Coppell junior Logan Earnst, executive producer of student productions, has been planning the event since May.

“We have worked hard to make After Dark a celebration of Baylor and its students,” Earnst said. “We want to take this opportunity to showcase all the talent Baylor students have to offer and show new students, older students, parents and community members.”

Student Productions held auditions the first week of school. Starting with around 30 auditions, the productions committee selected 14 acts to perform at the show.

“We like to get acts that are different,” Earnst said. “I like to call it a variety show instead of a talent show. I love seeing business majors get up on stage and sing an original song they wrote and just be amazing.”

The show is at 8 p.m. today and Saturday night and is expected to run about two hours. Tickets will be available on the Baylor Student Productions website until 3 p.m. today and will be sold at the door before both shows. Tickets are $10 for Baylor students and $14 for general admission.

There will also be an art exhibit in the lobby of Waco Hall before and after the shows showcasing students’ art.