Pi Beta Phi takes first at Sing

Pi Beta Phi placed first in this year's All-University Sing with their act "Meet Me in Ze Alps." Photo credit: Penelope Shirey

Nearly a year of planning, rehearsals and sleepless nights came to an end Saturday night when this year’s All-University Sing winners were announced. Pi Beta Phi took first with its act “Meet Me in Ze Alps,” with Kappa Omega Tau’s “Setting Sail” and Chi Omega’s “Lunch Lady Land” placing second and third, respectively.

The Sing chairs and performers got the news after the last of six performances in Waco Hall. Tears flowed and hugs were traded as the members of the winning acts got their prizes.

“I think the five of us were completely in shock,” said Austin junior Mary Ferguson, a Sing chair for Chi Omega. “We were crying and screaming onstage. We were just so proud of our chapter for accomplishing our goal of placing.”

Plano senior Alex Self said that was a particularly exciting moment for her sorority, since Chi Omega has not placed in the top three acts since 1999.

“We were all so very excited,” Self said. “You want it, but you don’t really expect it. All of our faces were huge and in awe.”

Along with the three top acts, every group moving on to Pigskin was recognized Saturday. Alpa Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Sigma, Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega will all perform again in October at Homecoming.

“I was excited to win second, and I was pumped that we’re going to Pigskin and get to perform this act again,” said Westlake junior Dailey Markham, a Sing Chair for KOT.

Placing at Sing gives the groups a tangible reward for the hours of work they’ve put into their acts. However, Westport, CT, sophomore Kathryn Green, a Pi Beta Phi Sing chair, said the best part of her experience this year wasn’t the first-place prize.

“Our goal was to have fellowship with our chapter and get to know girls we might not have met before. We definitely did that,” Green said.

Now, although she looks forward to the chance to catch up on homework and sleep, Green said she will miss the time she’s spent planning, practicing and performing with her chapter.

“It’s kind of a mourning period, because we’ve just spent so much time with these girls,” Green said.

Though the members and chairs will now take some needed time off, the planning for next year’s All-University Sing is just around the corner.

“Starting in May, we’ll start picking a new theme and get going on another act for next year,” Markham said.

Pigskin 2016:

  • Pi Beta Phi – 1st Place, “Meet Me in Ze Alps”
Sing_PJS-February 17, 2016-63.jpg
  • Kappa Omega Tau – 2nd Place, “Setting Sail”

Sing_RH-February 17, 2016-703 O.jpg

  • Chi Omega – 3rd Place, “Lunch Lady Land”

Sing_RH-February 17, 2016-73.jpg

  • Alpha Chi Omega, “The Alpha Chi Coal Mining Company”
  • Phi Kappa Chi, “Workin’ on a Building”
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Kappa Sigma, “Come Dance with Me”
  • Alpha Tau Omega, “The King of Promise”
  • Zeta Tau Alpha, “We Have Awoken”

People’s Choice Awards:

  • Best Backdrop – Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Sigma
  • Best Choreography – Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Sigma
  • Best Costumes – Pi Beta Phi
  • Best Song Selection – Pi Beta Phi
  • Best Theme Development – Delta Delta Delta, “Can You Dig It?”
  • Best Vocals – Zeta Tau Alpha

Sing Chair of the Year: Patrick Van Burkleo

Baylor Lariat All-University Sing Poll Winners:

1. Phi Gamma Delta, “The Dance of the Dead”

2. Delta Delta Delta, “Can You Dig It?”

3. Alpha Delta Pi, “Keep on Survivin'”