Lariat Letter: Parking problems

I apologize in advance for addressing an issue that is complained about entirely too often, but the parking facilities are in need of serious attention.

Narrowly escaping the packed garages at the end of a long day is a feat in itself that honestly shouldn’t need to be dealt with on a daily basis. The garages are incredibly narrow and were not designed to accommodate large pickup trucks or even some of the larger SUVs.

The blind turns resulting in screeching stops, honking cars and near minor collisions are exactly what students and faculty unrealistically dream of avoiding. Not to mention the frustration that also arises when a seemingly convenient parking space is useless because the car adjacent positioned itself two inches over the line, caused by the narrow spaces provided.

On behalf of many students here at Baylor who pay annually for a parking permit, we would like to see improvements in design to any future parking structures.

Emma Hollister

San Luis Obispo, Calif. Sophomore