What We’re Lovin’: Reconnecting, reinventing and restful relief

Ever wondered what we do when we’re not making a paper? Want to know what’s hip in the newsroom? Take a weekly peek into what the Lariateers are doing, wearing and watching with our blog, “What We’re Lovin’.”

Here’s our roundup for the week:

Jonathon S. Platt, Web & social media editor

Do Over” by Jon Acuff
To say the famed “What Christians Like” blogger’s latest book is groundbreaking would be an understatement. Seth Godin was right to call this “the greatest career book ever written.” Acuff’s new ideas on reinventing work and his tips for doing work you can love are invaluable for underpaid employees who are fresh out of college to veteran pencil pushers who are tired of being stuck.

Magen Davis, Videographer

Author Zadie Smith
Zadie Smith is the best-selling author of mainly novels. I usually don’t read fiction, but her work is engaging, provocative, and heart-warming. Right now, I’m reading “White Teeth” . . . For people who have a hard time reading while school is in session, she is easy to read and FUNNY!

Shehan Jeyarajah, Sports editor

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore”
Many thought it would be impossible to replace Stephen Colbert after he left “The Colbert Report” at the end of 2014. Rather than try to imitate him, Comedy Central went a whole new direction with “The Nightly Show.” Larry Wilmore, with credits including “The Office,” “The Daily Show” and “The Bernie Mac Show,” brings a black perspective that has been lacking in mainstream comedy. It’s still in formative stages, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

Rae JeffersonArts and entertainment editor

Pokey O’s Ice Cream Sandwich Truck
THIS. STUFF. IS. BOMB. My ice cream sandwich had chocolate peanut butter ice cream (yum) squished between two sugar cookies (double yum). They were a nice edition to Art on Elm Saturday. Plus the owners are super friendly – taste and tact, all in one!

Jessica Babb, Assistant web editor

I enjoyed my first year at Diadeloso and the refreshing break it provided. From free food to concerts on fountain mall, it was a great way to relax with friends before the stresses of finals. Dia is definitely a great Baylor tradition!