Recognize Silas Nacita’s character

No art logoMy first experience in the brand new McLane Stadium was not the home opener as tickets were gone before I had the chance to get them. It was the following week when Northwestern State came to town. The blowout was on and due to weather many fans left at halftime.

Being my first game, I knew I would stay the whole time. I was lucky I did. Late in the game when the contest was over but the game continued I heard a chant from fans that I didn’t understand. It was some of the students chanting what I could only make out to be ‘Salsa Nacho!’ By the time I understood what was being chanted, the crowd remaining exploded in approval as Silas Nacita entered the game. Who was this young man that had won over fans despite being buried on a depth chart with such impressive talent? I was in for a treat.

While many other players were just passing time playing a game, here was one man whose determination and toughness showed like a beacon. I was instantly a fan and was hoping every game I could see the “Nacho” pound the rock with such fierce tenacity.

Fortunately, I got to see his exceptional play last year, as this year the odds are I will not. Nacita made some hard choices that will probably keep him off the field this year. I will not pass judgement on his, the football teams’ or the NCAA’s decisions. I hope that other fans will not as well. We must understand that there are rules and they must be followed, and when broken we must accept responsibility. Silas continues to impress me, this time with his character. He has already accepted responsibility and that I respect. If Nacita no longer plays football I know that his character coupled with his determination will make him successful.

Lucky, Nacita got to live a dream most players never reach. We as fans were fortunate to see his performances. I hope that a waiver will be granted but if this is the end, we should be saying thank you to a man whose on the field performances were so much larger than his size. We, as fans, should show gratitude for the character of the player.

— Christopher Strange

Lacy-Lakeview sophomore

Political science major